Monday, January 30, 2012

Cannot find /Library/Tomcat/Home/bin/

When starting Tomcat on Lion:
$ /Library/Tomcat/bin/ 
And you encountered this error:
Cannot find /Library/Tomcat/Home/bin/ This file is needed to run this program
just unset the CATALINA_HOME variable:

Then run this again:

Then visit

Troubleshooting idea got from this:

Another approach is to use sudo:

sudo /Library/Tomcat/bin/ 

Then visit


  1. The first option works perfectly for me. Thanks for the quick solution!

  2. I am installing apache tomcat8 and java8 on the top of centos VMWARE image. Tomcat is giving Can not found error. i already did "unset CATALINA_HOME ". Then tomcat started but not running in the browser. please resolve this. And Is there any other solution for this can not found?

    Thank you in advance.