Monday, January 30, 2012

Cannot find /Library/Tomcat/Home/bin/

When starting Tomcat on Lion:
$ /Library/Tomcat/bin/ 
And you encountered this error:
Cannot find /Library/Tomcat/Home/bin/ This file is needed to run this program
just unset the CATALINA_HOME variable:

Then run this again:

Then visit

Troubleshooting idea got from this:

Another approach is to use sudo:

sudo /Library/Tomcat/bin/ 

Then visit


  1. The first option works perfectly for me. Thanks for the quick solution!

  2. I am installing apache tomcat8 and java8 on the top of centos VMWARE image. Tomcat is giving Can not found error. i already did "unset CATALINA_HOME ". Then tomcat started but not running in the browser. please resolve this. And Is there any other solution for this can not found?

    Thank you in advance.

  3. What could be the permanent solution for this kind of issue

  4. Nice, i read it, detailed instructions, but I could not start the bin, I just didn't know how to open bin file until I had downloaded the universal viewer for such files. It actually helped and it works correctly. Now I'm going to move on to the next stage got from your tips...

  5. i have a problem after typing ./ command after tomcat installation in my linux as mentioned below.
    please help me
    Cannot find /opt/tomcat//bin/