Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mac OS X

If you love your health and time, when you outgrown Linux as your choice of Unix, especially when father time is catching up, opt to use a Unix that cares about your sanity and taste, use Mac OS X

I once needed to compile a WiFi driver (written in C language, C is a first-class assembly language in Unix) for my Ubuntu-toting laptop, it was cool then. In our modern times, the hardware and software are now tightly integrated, who has a time to compile drivers? Think iPad or Surface Pro requiring users to compile drivers for the device's WiFi, users will go batshit insane if they have to endure performing this task.

I still think compiling non-kernel softwares as kinda cool though, on my first work a colleague introduced MySQL to us, we used MySQL we compiled ourselves, no installer, just C source code. It feels so empowering having the source code and knowing that we can introduce functionalities that integrated well to the RDBMS's bare metal.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Too many computer jargons in one picture

  • Happy Path
  • Bus Factor
  • Service Bus
  • Bugs
  • Hitting a wall
  • Red Flag
  • Nerdgasm
  • Trailing Space
  • Terminal