Sunday, December 9, 2012

Amortization Calculator

The best compliment I'm getting when making an app is when others are saying I know how the business works. Real Estate is one of them, the point person on that project said to me that I know how real estate(or at least the computation side of it) works more than their sales agents

That can be realized more (learning about the business process more than learning the nuts and bolts of programming) if the UI infrastructure doesn't get in the way of your business logic code. AngularJS facilitates that. UI is not "programming" with AngularJS. Your business logic code is devoid of UI concerns

Here's the amortization calculator component of the real estate app I made long time ago(2003, made in VB6) written in AngularJS:

Use this when you want to compute the balance when you have extra payments:

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