Saturday, May 4, 2013

Earworm, I kept humming the instrumental intro of Eat Bulaga

These past few weeks I keep humming the instrumental intro of Eat Bulaga while I'm coding, which only recently I was able to unlock the reason why. The instrumental intro of Eat Bulaga is eerily similar to Sing a Song.

Here's the line I keep humming on Sing a Song:

"Don't worry if it's not good enough" --

Very similar to Eat Bulaga's instrumental intro.

Subconciously, I'm singing a very developer-centric song. So the next time you hear someone humming Eat Bulaga, that doesn't automatically translate to them being an Eat Bulaga fan(not that I have a problem on people being a partisan of a given primetime show or TV network :)). For all we know, those developers are subconsciously seeking enlightenment on the quality of their work.

Code quality should be tempered with the reality of the deadlines. Code quality is important, but it's not a be-all and end-all of an application development. There's also this thing called Time-to-Market.

"Quality in development is important, but it has to be scaled appropriately" --

Of course, code quality and time-to-market (that's deadline for us who are not on the frontlines) are not mutually exclusive. Both are achievable, when torn between those two, just remember that perfect is the enemy of the good. And there's the Pareto Principle that could guide us on achieving both.
And don't even tell you're a perfectionist. That's a humblebrag masquerading as a virtue. There are more people way more perfectionist than you, and that would reduce you to a mere humblebragger

So there's the feel-good tune of Eat Bulaga, the feel of the music resonates with developers ;-)

Happy Coding! ツ

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