Friday, April 20, 2018

left-pad, no we're not lazy! we're just reusable!

Are javascript programmers lazy?

One criticism levelled against the javascript ecosystem is that programmers are becoming lazy with javascript. Another criticism is that a javascript function should not be a package.

There's a merit to having the individual functions have their own packages though. It adheres to Unix philosophy of "Write programs that do one thing and do it well"

And function being a package lends itself easily to be usable for scripting.

Take uuid and mkdirp package for example.

$ yarn init && yarn add uuid mkdirp

With package having only one function, uuid and mkdirp can be both API and command-line utility.


As command-line utility:

How awesome is that?

If mkdirp (rmdir, mv, cat, ...) function is part of com.acme.fileSystem package, it'll be not intuitive to make the package a commandline utility as the package covers a lot of functionalities.

Happy Coding!

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