Saturday, April 28, 2018

Session-less Facebook and Google Login with Passport using Cookie + JWT

The id and display name returned to app after logging to Facebook or Google, is encrypted with JWT and then stored to cookie. Line 74 and 77

Authenticating a page or a service is done by adding the passport-jwt middleware to a route. Line 15 and line 22.

Extraction of JWT from the cookie is done by creating a custom extractor for passport-jwt. Line 66 and 73

Full code can be downloaded from

Here's the structure of ILoggedUserJwtPayload:

import { ILoggedUser } from './ILoggedUser';

export interface ILoggedUserJwtPayload
    // subject
    sub: ILoggedUser;

    // expires
    exp: number;

This is the ILoggedUserJwtPayload sub property's structure:

export interface ILoggedUser
    source: string | undefined; // provider, e.g., facebook, google
    id: string | undefined; // id
    shownName: string | undefined; // displayName

Here's another route authenticated by passport-jwt middleware:

    passport.authenticate('jwt', {session: false}),
    (req, res) =>
        const user = req.user as ILoggedUser;


Happy coding!

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